Bathroom Fan Installation

bathroom fan installation and repairSince bathrooms are a source of both odors and moisture, it’s important to install and maintain a properly functioning bathroom fan in order for your bathroom and the rest of your home to have a healthy environment.

Without a bathroom fan to help eliminate lingering humidity and unwanted pollutants, your bathroom can quickly turn into an unhealthy environment. Bathroom fans can also protect your home from the potential dangers of mold and mildew created by excess moisture. This is very important since mold damage is pervasive and can lead to chronic illnesses. A bathroom fan will also help to eliminate damp spots on the walls and unwanted condensation that could result in problems such as peeling paint and sweating water pipes.

Dust, hair, lint, aerosol sprays and other bathroom generated pollutants can build up on the blades of your bathroom fan. The fan blades should be cleaned on a regular basis with detergent or bleach to remove this unwanted residue.

If you already have a bathroom fan that isn’t working at optimum level, we can tune it up for you. Repairs and regular maintenance of bathroom fans will keep your fan running properly, resulting in freely moving air and a fresh bathroom.

We can install a new bathroom fan or provide any maintenance needed for your existing bathroom fan.

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