Panel Upgrades

MetroWest Area Electrician - Panel Upgrades

At the center of your home electrical system is your electric panel, which is the point of entry for electricity from the power grid. From there, power spreads out to lights and outlets, supplying an even distribution of electricity throughout your entire home.

Major installations, such as a new refrigerator or central air system may require a little more electricity than your current electrical panel is ready to handle, and might require a panel upgrade. Other common situations that require an upgrade are blown fuses and frequently tripped circuit breakers.

In any of the following circumstances, it’s important to consider a panel upgrade:

  • Renovating the kitchen
  • Moving into a house with outdated or insufficient service
  • Adding a new room to your house
  • Installing a new air conditioning system
  • Adding large appliances like a hot tub, a new oven or a second refrigerator or freezer

In the event that your contractor suggests that you don’t have enough power or you’re frustrated with consistently tripped breakers, schedule a free consultation with us.

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Modern electrical panels feature a safe and sensible design. By contrast, older electrical panels carry a high risk of fire or shock hazards. Those panels, as well as some newer ones, degrade with time, and become more dangerous as each year passes.

Panel Troubleshooting

Don’t underestimate the importance of functioning circuit breakers for the safety of your family and property.

Troubleshooting common electrical panel and circuit breaker issues is familiar territory for our expert technicians. From fault currents to unbalanced loads to improper wiring, we can bring your home electrical system up to code. Each of our technicians has over twenty years of experience. They can install the proper sized electric panel for your family’s needs, safety and efficiency.

We can help you with panel upgrades and any of your circuit breaker needs. Call us today to get started.