Gas Line Repair and Replacement


Gas Line Repair and ReplacementIf you can smell natural gas around you home, there is a great chance that you have a gas leak. A gas leak can turn into a very serious and dangerous problem if not treated quickly. Be very careful and try not to light any matches in the house. Avoid circuits and plugs as if there is a spark, it may lead to a fire explosion.

If there is a chance there is a gas leak in your home, please vacate immediately and call 911. Wait for your gas company to clear your home and turn off the gas supply. Here is a guide for handling emergency situations when it comes to a gas leak.

A licensed professional will need to repair your gas line. The technicians at WattsControl, Inc. are licensed professionals ready to complete any job. We can fix your faulty gas pipe with no problems. Once the pipe is repaired, the gas company will turn the gas back on, and you can return home.