Indirect Water Heater


indirect water heaterWattsControl, Inc offers expert indirect water heater installation. With the installation of an indirect fired water heater, you will be gaining the most efficient way of receiving water in your home.

Because it does not use electricity or gas, an indirect water heater doesn’t require a vent. The water heater is a stainless steel tank, insulated by thermal padding. Inside the tank is a coil and inlet and outlet taps, or connection points. It circulates hot water from the boiler to the coil. This hot water is then transferred to the tank and begins heating the water already in the tank.

Since the tanks are well insulated, the water in the tank usually stays hot until you are ready to use it. Once you use so much hot water, the thermostat triggers the boiler to fire more hot water into the tank.

These water heaters can help save you a lot of money and energy. Call WattsControl, Inc to day for more information!