Hobbies Are a Great Way to Use Your Creativity by Local Electrician WattsControl, Inc.

Many people have hobbies. A hobby can be anything from baking to flower, herb and vegetable gardening to knitting, crocheting and quilting to painting to writing to anything that you enjoy doing. It’s whatever you can think of in order to create an edible, interesting or unique handmade item. After the hectic pace of the workday it’s nice to be able to relax and unwind by focusing on doing something you enjoy and which creates an end product that you and others can appreciate, wear or eat!

Baking is one outlet for your creativity. A typical sugar cookie recipe could be re-invented into a coffee almond coconut bar or a lemon, dill and poppy seed scone. When you combine flour, butter, eggs, sugar, salt, baking soda or baking powder with fruits, herbs, spices, nuts or extracts, you can be as creative as the ingredients allow. Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious home baked dessert?

Flower and herb or vegetable gardening can be quite relaxing. Being outside in the fresh air and digging into the cool soil is very cathartic. Planting seeds or already rooted flowers and watching them bloom into vibrant colors is quite rewarding. Herb and vegetable gardening is a fun and inexpensive hobby. Tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers and green beans are very easy to grow. Basil, rosemary, sage, thyme and dill are herbs that don’t require a lot of space. They can be planted individually or in groups in a large pot. What’s better than a caprese salad made with a sun warmed tomato, freshly picked basil, mozzarella cheese and a splash of olive oil?

Knitting, crocheting and quilting require you to work with your hands in order to create one of a kind pieces of art that can be worn, used as bedspreads or displayed on a wall or table. The selection of colors, patterns and textures of yarn, thread and fabric is amazing. You can use a traditional pattern or invent one of your own. The end result is quite spectacular.

How many paintings or prints do you have hanging on the walls in your home? My guess would be several. Have you ever thought about taking up painting? You can purchase a few artist brushes and some pastel chalk, watercolors, acrylic or oil paint and create new works of art for your home. Take a trip to an art museum or local art studio or gallery and observe the artwork. Whether you gravitate towards abstract, impressionism, realism or anything in between, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you can create on paper or canvas.

Have you always wanted to write but never seem to find the time to do it? Put aside an hour each day two or three times a week. This will be your creative time. Make sure that you’re not interrupted by the telephone, children or other distractions in or around your home. Maybe you want to write a children’s book, or a book about human nature or perhaps science fiction or romance is the genre that you most enjoy. The narrative will flow smoothly once you’ve cleared your mind. It won’t be long until you’ve created a short story or a full-length book that you can share with others.

The bottom line of any hobby is that it should be fun and something that you enjoy doing. If you start feeling stressed, then it’s not the right one for you. Try a different hobby until you hit upon the one that makes you happy when you’re doing it.

If the room where you work on your hobby is too dark, we can install additional lighting fixtures or wall outlets.

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