A Smart Home Will Keep You Safe And Secure

We want to feel safe in our homes.  A home is where we relax, spend time with our loved ones and have fun.

Some of the ways that your home can keep you safe and secure are smart energy monitors can notify you via Wi-Fi when high voltage is detected, thermostats which let you know when the temperature is too high or low, smoke alarms that connect to your smartphone and alert you if an alarm goes off and security systems that notify you if someone is breaking into your house.



Smart Irrigation Controllers:

Spring is here and it’s time to start thinking about your lawn and plants.

Smart sprinklers and irrigation controllers can simplify home lawn and garden care and also reduce water consumption. These systems utilize data from sensors, weather forecasts and plant-care databases to determine watering needs and deliver just enough moisture at just the right time. You can check on your plants from anywhere in the world using mobile and web apps.


Smart Door Locks:

A Wi-Fi enabled Smart Door lock recognizes your smartphone and automatically unlocks your door. Once installed and paired via Bluetooth, a smart lock can be locked and unlocked without a key. If you’re not home, you can text a code to a friend, guest or service provider to allow them access.

Depending on the make and model and its feature set, a smart lock can be opened by waving or turning your smartphone in front of the lock, touching the lock with your finger, tapping a control in an app, approaching your door, or even talking to your lock.

Did You Know…
In one second our sun generates more energy than has been used in all of mankind’s history.