Outdoor Smart Home Devices For Home Entertaining

Outdoor Smart Home Devices For Home Entertaining

It’s time to start thinking about outdoor get-togethers with family and friends.

Wi-Fi connected smart home devices include smart floodlights, sprinklers, plugs, waterproof televisions and speakers, grills, lawnmowers, weather stations and fire pits.

Smart Switches:
Smart switches connect to Wi-Fi and are voice controlled via a smart speaker like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo or a smartphone app.
They also work as regular on/off wall switches.

Smart switches remotely control indoor and outdoor lighting, motion sensors and ceiling and bathroom fans. You can program a smart switch so that you’ll receive an alert if your lights turn on when your security system detects an intruder or if your smoke detectors sense fire.


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Smart Thermostats:
Are you selling your home?

A Wi-Fi controlled smart thermostat allows potential buyers to view your home in comfort. You can remotely adjust the temperature so that whether your house is being shown or you’re staying put, the inside temperature is perfect, no matter what the weather is like outside.


Smart Pet Cams:
Question: How much do you love your pets?
Answer: A whole lot.

Now you can be in touch with your fur babies while you’re away from home. Wi-Fi connected smart pet cams allow you to monitor the activities of your pets via live streaming or recorded videos from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Pet cams offer features such as 360-degree coverage, a treat dispenser, two-way audio communication and night vision.


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