Valentine’s Day Facts and Figures by Local Electrician WattsControl, Inc.

“Endless Love” was the title of a popular love song written by Lionel Ritchie. He sang it as a duet with Diana Ross. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what better topic is there to write about than love?

Love has been defined as a feeling, an intense affection for another that makes your heart fill with complete pure, blissful happiness. When you’re in love, you know it.
There are no words in any language that adequately explain what you feel emotionally, mentally and physically. True love is so strong you may feel as though you’re completely enveloped in a bubble of pure joy.

However, Valentine’s Day is more than just about love. It’s also about giving and receiving.

Here are some interesting Valentine’s Day statistics and trends from the year 2016:

According to the website, 54.8% of Americans celebrate Valentines Day. An estimated $19.7 billion dollars was spent on the following items. The breakdown is as follows:

Jewelry: $4.5 billion
An evening out: $4.4 billion
Flowers: $1.98 billion
Clothing: $2 billion
Candy: $1.76 billion
Gift card/Gift certificate: $1.68 billion
Greeting cards: $1.14 billion

The average amount spent by men was $196. 00. Women spent $100.00.

Here’s the breakdown of spending by age group:
18-24: $148.00
25-34: $234.00
35-44: $187.00
45-54: $124.00
55-64: $95.00
65+: $95.00

Here’s where Americans buy their Valentines Day gifts:
Discount store: 31%
Department store: 35%
Online: 28%
Specialty store: 19%
Florist: 20%
Jewelry store: 11%
Specialty clothing store: 8%
Catalog: 2%
Other: 9%

According to, the five most common items purchased last year and their average prices were a box of chocolates ($15.11), diamond earrings ($323.26), a dozen roses ($41.66), dinner for two ($80.46) and a bottle of champagne ($51.54).

From my own personal experience, if you purchase roses on Feb, 14th or dine out on Feb. 14th, expect to pay more than if you did these things the day before or the day after as business owners take into account that customers are willing to pay more on the actual holiday.

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