What Does a Smart Home LookLike?

What Does a Smart Home Look Like?

A smart home looks like any other house in your neighborhood. The difference is that appliances, lighting, heating, cooling, security, and audio and video systems are all being controlled via Wi-Fi through a smartphone or laptop.


Vacation Home Safety

Who’s watching your vacation home when no one is living there?

With a Wi-Fi video security camera your home will be under your surveillance 24/7.

Add a Wi-Fi controlled thermostat and you can maintain the perfect temperature year round. This will save you money and will also conserve energy.


Power Surges
Power surges can originate from the electric utility company during power grid switches, by a lightning strike, or from a downed power line. This can disrupt all of the electrical in your home and potentially cause a fire.

A whole-house surge suppressor can’t stop surges completely; up to 15 percent of excess voltage may still leak into your home. That’s where plug-in surge protectors come into play.

With these two measures, you can rest assured that your home will be protected from unwanted damage and expense.


Did you know…

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