Home & Pet Safety

It’s never too soon to think about winter storms and hurricanes. A portable generator will give you peace of mind. You’ll have your own source of electricity for your refrigerator, stove, heat and other items that run on electricity such as lights, cellphones and computers.


Landscape lighting relies on a combination of three types of fixtures: spotlights to highlight plantings and garden features, floodlights to wash larger elements like walls and trees, and pathway designs to line outdoor walkways.

It’s important that your walkways and porches are illuminated, as rain, ice and snow could create hazardous walking conditions to visitors.

Landscape lighting will also help discourage any criminal elements.


If you have a water leak and the water comes into contact with a ceiling fixture that’s below it and shorts out the electricity, turn off the circuit breaker that’s associated with the fixture.

Call a plumber to repair the water leak and then call us to repair the shorted out circuit.



What would you do if your cat or dog ran away from your home, jumped out of your car or disappeared while you were walking him in an area he was unfamiliar with? How would you find him? Did you know that there are Wi-Fi tracking collars? These smart collars use GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to send information to your smartphone. They can locate your pet down the street or 3,000 miles away.

The collars can also be used to monitor your pet to see if they’re getting enough exercise.


Did you know…
In a galaxy far, far away called 3C303, a cosmic jet 2 billion light years away is carrying the highest electric current ever seen: 10 to the 18thamps, which is equivalent to a trillion bolts of lighting.