Backup Power by Newton Electrician

You never know when the next storm is going to kick up and wreak havoc on the area. Rain, wind and snow all bring the risk of power being knocked out to the area. In some cases, the storm is severe enough to cause serious damage that leaves power lines down all around the area, which can result in extended power outages. You can save yourself a lot of frustration by being prepared for a storm with your own backup power source. An electrician in Newton, like those at Watts Control, can help you determine exactly what you need.

Portable generators are very affordable and work great for a few hours or a few days depending on what you need. They are sold in a variety of sizes. A Newton electrician can help you determine what size of generator you need based on what you want to power when the main power is out. If you only want to keep your refrigerator and freezer running to prevent food spoilage, that is an option. If you want a generator that will run your fridge, freezer, a few lights and maybe run your TV, you will need a little bigger. Some of the higher end portable generators are very quiet and you won’t have to worry about being bothered by the noise.

Once you have made your purchase, you can have an outlet dedicated to your generator by an electrician. Newton homeowners can fire up the generator and use the cord to power a breaker or two that has already been set up to switch over to be powered by the generator. It is tricky business and should only be completed by a licensed, trained professional. Give Watts Electric a call today and let them help you get ready for winter storms.