Surge Protector for Your Home by Newton Electrician

If you have ever experienced a flicker of power in your home when your AC kicks on or your refrigerator’s compressor starts up, you have seen a minor power surge. These power surges occur throughout the day, sometimes without you even noticing. You may not notice any real drain, but the electrical components throughout your home are slowly being damaged a little more with each surge. An electrician in Newton recommends you have whole home surge protection installed to protect your household electrical equipment from larger power surges that come from the outside and can cause serious damage. The team at Watts Control can take care of the job for you.

You know when there are lightning storms in the area, you should unplug your gaming equipment, Smart TVs and so on. This is because an electric current can travel through the pole outside and into your home, frying anything that is connected to the electrical service explains an electrician. Newton homeowners can avoid the damage to appliances that can’t easily be unplugged, like the refrigerator or microwave oven by having a whole home surge protector installed at the breaker panel. Even our LED lights have tiny circuit boards that can easily be fried by a small surge. Your computer, laptop and other sensitive, expensive equipment is all at risk.

This small device controls the amount of power being sent into your home. When a surge comes down the line, it is essentially blocked. The surge protector doesn’t let the influx of electricity past the breaker box explains a Newton electrician. It can also regulate the power being used inside the home to avoid those little surges that we generate on our own without even realizing it. If you would like to protect your home’s sensitive electronics, call Watts Control today and schedule your surge protector installation.