Smart Home Safety & Entertainment


Protect your home with a motion activated Wi-Fi connected smart security camera with built-in floodlights. You can monitor the system through your cellphone, laptop or tablet twenty four hours a day no matter where you are.

Depending on the model, the camera may have a 180-degree field of view, 1080p HD, night vision, a remote activated siren, two way audio, smart zoom with panning and two high intensity floodlights.


Smoke alarms go off for many reasons. If they start chirping and there’s no fire, it may be due to the fact that they’re over ten years old or from dust or pet hair that’s being moved around by heating vents, or extremes of temperature such as the interior of the house being too cold or too hot, which depletes the battery.

With a smart smoke detector you can monitor your system 24/7 via Wi-Fi using a cellphone, laptop or tablet.

You can also install a ten-year battery so that you won’t have to remember to change the batteries every year.



A Wi-Fi connected home entertainment system combines a television, stereo, speakers and a home theatre projector. All of the components can be controlled with your cell phone, laptop, tablet or a remote.

Wouldn’t you like to sit back, relax and be entertained in the comfort of your own home?




You should never use water to put out an electrical fire. Water is a natural conductor of electricity and will cause the fire to expand and you could get burned or electrocuted.

If it’s safe to do so, unplug the appliance that’s on fire. If it’s a small fire, use baking soda to put it out. If it’s a larger fire, use a class C fire extinguisher to put it out.

Did you know…

Researchers have discovered that the fuzz which covers bees bodies helps them to sense a flowers natural electric fields, allowing them to home in on their favorite plants to pollinate.

Flowers emit a different electrical signal after their nectar has been harvested so other bees won’t revisit these flowers.